IV Therapy Pricing

We have a variety of nourishing IV therapies to choose from.

Thrive Therapy

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION - $169 (formerly called The Eye of the Tiger)

The ultimate in performance enhancement plus a metabolism kick to get you going!

Enhance Performance and Decrease Recovery Time. Thrive Today!

Give your body the hydration it deserves with this nourishing formula.

Help relieve cramping and other discomfort associated with PMS.

Boost your immune system and stay at the top of your game.

Stop the clock and regain vitality with this treatment with anti-aging properties.

Reclaim your vigor and tackle your week with renewed energy.

Myer’s Cocktail Solution - $149

Fight inflammation and chronic fatigue with our Myer’s Cocktail infusion.

Simple Hydration - $110

A quick hydrating infusion to help your body recover vital fluids.

Other Services

Glutathione BOOST Injection (200mg - 800mg) - $45 - $85

Support your body with this anti-oxidant boost added to any infusion.

Glutathione Infusion - (1000mg - 2000mg) - $149 - $189

Break down nutrients, boost immune function, and reduce stress on a monthly basis.

Lipo-Boost Injection - $25

Get a boost of energy with the fat-burning metabolism boost in this injection.

Vitamin B12 Boost Injection - $20

Get a boost of energy and focus with a quick B12 injection.

NAD + Infusion - Call For Pricing

This neuro-regenerative infusion promotes recovery and builds energy at the cellular level.

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