IV Therapy Pricing

We have a variety of nourishing IV therapies to choose from.

Thrive Therapy

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

The Ultimate Solution – $169

The ultimate in performance enhancement plus a metabolism kick to get you going!

Thrive Solution – $149

Enhance Performance and Decrease Recovery Time. Thrive Today!

Hydration Solution – $129

Give your body the hydration it deserves with this nourishing formula.

Restoration Solution – $129

Help relieve cramping and other discomfort associated with PMS.

Immunity Solution– $139

Boost your immune system and stay at the top of your game.

Vitality Solution – $169

Stop the clock and regain vitality with this treatment with anti-aging properties.

Energy Solution – $129

Reclaim your vigor and tackle your week with renewed energy.

Myer’s Cocktail – $149

Fight inflammation and chronic fatigue with our Myer’s Cocktail infusion.

Simple Hydration – $110

A quick hydrating infusion to help your body recover vital fluids.

Other Services

Glutathione Boost Injection (200mg – 600mg) – $45 – $85

Support your body with this anti-oxidant boost added to any infusion.

Glutathione Infusion – (1000mg – 2000mg) – $149 – $189

Break down nutrients, boost immune function, and detox at a deeper level.

LipoShot – $20

Get a boost of energy with the fat-burning metabolism boost in this injection.

Vitamin B12 Injection – $20

Get a boost of energy and focus with a quick B12 injection.

NAD + Infusion – Call For Pricing

This neuro-regenerative infusion promotes recovery and builds energy at the cellular level.

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