Restoration Infusions Center is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 11 ratings.

Carolyn was so knowledgeable. She greeted me with a smile, answered all my questions. The overall atmosphere was/is sooo welcoming. I highly recommend this Center.
Lakenya Bennett

Carolyn was so welcoming and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what I needed and stayed late to make sure I was able to come in. HIGHLY recommend!
Kacie Halliburton

I came in yesterday and could not hold a pen to write my own i was in such tereible shape. I was greeted by a kind woman who calm, calculated, and CARES about making people better. She ensured ...
Trever Schoonover

took a friend in who was not doing well with alcohol and was dehydrated. the service was above and beyond anything we expected and we are referring this place to everyone. we will 100% be back. thank you for ...
Adam Robertson

When I decided to try ketamine infusion therapy, I was in the same hole I had been in for 8 years. I had horrific anxiety. I felt like I couldn't breathe every single day. I had already tried numerous things for my anxiety, including counseling, all kinds of medication, EMDR, Neurofeedback, and even self medication, to list a few. I came across ketamine therapy in my research. My wife and I just refused to quit trying to find something that could help me. I was scared, I didn't really have money to do it, and I was skeptical about how much it would help. Saying ketamine therapy was a lifesaver is an understatement. I feel like a normal person again. I still have bouts with anxiety, but not every day, and certainly not as severe. Anyone with severe anxiety or depression knows how much you would give just for a little relief. My anxiety has improved so much. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Carolyn. If you are dealing with mental health issues, and you feel like you have tried everything and nothing works, then please just call Restoration Infusions. It could change your life just like it changed mine. Thank you, Carolyn!

I was weak and totally depleted of all my strength. It felt like it was the flu! I called and was told to come in. The nurse was so sweet and patient with me as I filled out the paperwork. She hooked up my IV and explained everything to me. I have been feeling great ever since! I highly recommend this place!

Melissa was extremely helpful and patient with me while I asked a lot of questions. The ambiance and professionalism of the staff are worth the visit. I would recommend this place because it was money well spent. I am conscious of investing in my health. This is the perfect place to start.

This is my third visit. My first time I came in completely drain and I got the thrive treatment. My Energy was up, my skin changed and I even lost 4 pounds. I highly recommend it and Carolyn is just great. It seems like you’ve known her all your life.

This place is AWESOME! I drove an hour back & forth to come to this center over several weeks time for my infusions and I have to say that it was absolutely worth the drive! Carolyn and Melissa took such good care of me and I feel sooo much more the “me” that I’m meant to be! I can’t thank them enough! If I could, I would give 10 stars!

What can be taken away from the Ketamine Infusion Therapy... - A clearer mind - A lighter feeling toward life's problems - A heaviness has been lifted or lessened - A much more positive and appreciative attitude - Life and Salvation is truly a gift from Christ A Life that is blessed in the midst of a sinful condemned world - Less fear in general Most of all...No matter what or how bad it is, there is always HOPE. It can be tried and pushed. It's a Choice to be made not necessarily given.

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