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What can be taken away from the Ketamine Infusion Therapy... - A clearer mind - A lighter feeling toward life's problems - A heaviness has been lifted or lessened - A much more positive and appreciative attitude - Life and Salvation is truly a gift from Christ A Life that is blessed in the midst of a sinful condemned world - Less fear in general Most of all...No matter what or how bad it is, there is always HOPE. It can be tried and pushed. It's a Choice to be made not necessarily given.


When I began the treatments I was taking three antidepressants and I was still having issues. Ketamine was, in my opinion, my last chance to find some relief. Within a month I was down to two antidepressants. I think I’ve now had ten infusions. I’m not “cured” or perfect but I’m so much better it’s amazing. Quality of life has improved so much. [Carolyn] has been right there with me when I’ve needed her. She goes out of her way to make sure everything is just so.


This place is AWESOME! I drove an hour back & forth to come to this center over several weeks time for my infusions and I have to say that it was absolutely worth the drive! Carolyn and Melissa took such good care of me and I feel sooo much more the “me” that I’m meant to be! I can’t thank them enough! If I could, I would give 10 stars!

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