Health Is Our Passion

Fueled by the discovery of the dramatic benefits of low-dose ketamine therapy for their psychiatric patient in 2009, Dr. Stephen Rice and Carolyn Baddeley, CRNA began their pursuit to gain knowledge and understanding of how psychedelic medicines, like ketamine, can restore the human condition. This pursuit gave rise to Restoration Infusions Center, PLLC (RIC). Their unique melding of specialties in psychiatry and anesthesiology has brought about innovative and effective treatment for many suffering from mental and physical illnesses. RIC is committed to evidence-based practice with a holistic approach that exemplifies the best that research and human compassion can offer.

Why We Exist: To restore our client’s well-being and hope in the future.

How We Do It: Because not all wounds are visible, we are committed to assisting in the healing of unseen damages brought about by physical and mental health challenges. We do that by helping our clients overcome these health challenges through a multi-disciplined approach utilizing infusion therapy at its core. We are dedicated to being confidential, empathetic, and approachable in all that we do to inspire our clients to feel better and fight harder to be their best.